Enabling nanoformulations for next-generation therapeutics

SPARTA® (Single Particle Automated Raman Trapping Analysis) is a cutting-edge benchtop instrument that chemically analyses and characterises single nanoparticles in a fully automated, high-throughput, non-destructive label-free process.


SPARTA® meets the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry's need for the individual analysis of nanoformulations by enabling accurate chemical analysis of nanoparticles in a compact bench-top product using next-generation innovation.

SPARTA Biodiscovery Machine

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Single particle automated Raman trapping analysis

The patented technology, available now as an analytical service and as a benchtop instrument, is an industry first and is set to enable next generation innovations in materials science and pharmaceutical research.

SPARTA®’s capabilities

Provide simultaneous size and chemical composition analysis​ on a single-particle basis.

Perform dynamic reaction monitoring in real-time.


Analyse single nanoparticles in a label-free, automated, high-throughput process, without requiring modification of the nanoparticles.

Compatible with a wide range of nanoparticles, from synthetic drug delivery systems to viral vectors and exosomes.


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