Single Particle Automated Raman Trapping Analysis



The patented SPARTA® technology, available now as a benchtop system, is the product of years of leading innovative research by multidisciplinary experts in analytics, chemistry, optics and bioengineering.

Raman Spectroscopy

SPARTA® is powered by Raman Spectroscopy, analysing the specific interactions light has with the molecules in the nanoparticles to reveal in a non-destructive and label-free way their chemical composition.

Powered by Light

A powerful 785 nm laser is at the core of SPARTA®, regulating the trapping of single nanoparticles and supplying simultaneously the light for their analysis. Using this near-infrared laser does not damage the particles, and it is carefully enclosed in the system to prevent user exposure.

Sensitive Detection

SPARTA® features a custom high-end light collection and detector assembly to convert the light from the nanoparticles into a digital signal for analysis.

Sample Interfacing

Aqueous particle solutions can be directly interfaced with the SPARTA® system for easy and rapid analysis without additional sample preparation. Dedicated and tailored sample interfacing options will be available for specialist samples.

Dedicated Software

We have designed a comprehensive software package, SPARTA® Control, for easy and efficient interfacing with the SPARTA® system. Driven by powerful algorithms it takes full control over the system to provide a high-throughput automated analysis every time for the non-specialist user.

The research behind SPARTA®

We have published the core concepts behind SPARTA® in the high-impact journal Nature Communications open-access available on the link here.

The SPARTA® system and ancillary technologies are in continuous development to meet your acute and long-term analysis needs, please get in touch for further information.

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