Case study – LNPs

SPARTA® Analysis of Lipid Nanoparticles – sample composition and heterogeneity

Carriers used in nanoformulations are complex and thoroughly engineered products to ensure formulation stability for consistent performance and storage. Carriers usually consist of multiple components to achieve stability and may also be further enhanced with surface functionalisations for cell targeting. SPARTA®’s unique analytical capabilities are ideally suited to R&D of new carriers, such as LNPs, as it allows label-free analysis of a carrier’s chemical composition along with an evaluation of population heterogeneity. SPARTA® ensures new lead carrier formulations can be rapidly screened to facilitate efficient scale-up and production processes are achieved for reliable formulation
development down to the single particle level.

SPARTA® was used to establish the detailed compositional analysis of single LNPs containing varying mol% of DOPC (PC) and DOPA (PA). Subtle changes to DOPC:DOPA ratios were clearly resolved.

Using SPARTA®’s individual particle spectra, the heterogeneity of the formulation was determined. Besides the observed mean trend, detailed variation within each batch was observed. This provides key information for optimising the formulation production process.

Barriga et al. ‘Coupling Lipid Nanoparticle Structure and Automated Single Particle Composition Analysis to Design Phospholipase Responsive Nanocarriers.’ Advanced Materials. 2022.
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SPARTA® meets the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry's need for the individual analysis of nanoformulations by enabling accurate chemical analysis of nanoparticles in a compact bench-top product using next-generation innovation.

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