SPARTA® General capabilities

Automated laser optical trapping combined with the power of Raman spectroscopy

SPARTA® is powered by our proprietary rapid automated trapping algorithm to perform single nanoparticle measurements providing Raman spectroscopy data at the touch of a button with virtually no sample preparation.

We have published the core concepts behind SPARTA® in the high-impact journal Nature Communications open-access available:

Penders et al. ‘Single Particle Automated Raman Trapping Analysis.’ Nature Communications. 2018
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Examples of SPARTA®‘s general modes of operation

Single Particle Composition Analysis

A 50:50 mixture of deuterated and non-deuterated liposomes was analysed by SPARTA®. Hundreds of particles were trapped, and the spectra analysed for the characteristic deuterium peak. A histogram with clear bimodal distribution was produced, showing the mixture was clearly resolved.

Size Analysis

Polystyrene nanoparticles of 200 nm, 100 nm and 50 nm in diameter were analysed by SPARTA® in the presence of a solution marker. The individual size distributions of the particle populations were clearly resolved, whilst simultaneously obtaining their compositional information.

On-line dynamic reaction monitoring

A model system of a copper catalysed azide-alkyne cycloaddition (click) reaction was analysed by SPARTA®. The reaction could be conducted and monitored either while trapping single particles sequentially, or by holding a single particle continually in the trap. The series of changing Raman spectra showed the progression of the reaction in real-time.

Value proposition

Application overview


SPARTA® meets the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry's need for the individual analysis of nanoformulations by enabling accurate chemical analysis of nanoparticles in a compact bench-top product using next-generation innovation.

SPARTA Biodiscovery Machine

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